Granular Wool

Granular Wool

This kind of insulation achieved from rock wool. It produces with resin and without resin which its standard heat tolerance with resin is 500C while in another kind (without resin) increase to 850C.


bullet square glass red Lining and tubing industry
bullet square glass red Regards of high flexibility, it also uses for all irregular geometric spaces and equipment


bullet square glass red Flexibility
bullet square glass red Incombustible
bullet square glass red Suitable for high and low temperature
bullet square glass red Sound absorption
bullet square glass red Available in different sizes

گرانول الیاف | الیاف حلاجی شده
گرانول الیاف | الیاف حلاجی شده
گرانول الیاف | الیاف حلاجی شده

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