Regards to cold insulation it is imperative to prevent moisture from penetrating to the insulation system, as this will reduce the system's performance and it could even disrupt the insulation in the freezing event, therefor use of adhesive and vapor barrier is necessary in cold insulations.

Adhesive / Sealant JAP 81-84

JAP 81-84 is a two-component, high strength thermosetting urethane adhesive. It is designed to bond various types of low-temperature insulation especially PIR, PUR and Cellular Glass. After curing, it forms a strong, yet flexible bond capable of withstanding thermal shock and mechanical impact. It can be used as both an attachment adhesive and joint sealant in low temperature installations using cellular glass, PIR and polyurethane foam insulations.


bullet square glass red Two - Component
bullet square glass red Extreme adhesion


Vapor Barrier JAP 60 - 90

JAP 60-90 is a tough, flexible mastic based on polyester polyols for high quality surface coatings and elastomeric finish for protection of outdoor thermal insulation.

It is an excellent vapor barrier for low temperature insulation especially PIR, PUR and Cellular Glass on tanks, pipework, ductwork, and fittings. It provides outstanding weather barrier protection, showing good color retention and durability.


bullet square glass red Monolar Mastic
bullet square glass red Flexible
bullet square glass red High resistance to water and steam penetration


Mastic JAP 3045

The mastic is a kind of foam seal mastic which is produced by Jahan Ayegh Pars Company. The type is flexible, air dry and produced of polymeric material based on acrylic in case of using between insulation & pipe as a temporary installation and vapor barrier, moreover, it has been tested on temperature of -50 C.



bullet square glass red Monolar Mastic
bullet square glass red Durable
bullet square glass red High resistance to vapor penetration





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