Block & Board

Block & Board

PIR & PUR Board & Block Insulation of this company is produced with modern high tech Italian production line. The product is convenient for board surfaces such as walls and doors also tanks with high diameter and different industries such as refinery oil, power plants and buildings. Different shapes can be cut from produced block.


bullet square glass red Petrochemical, oil and gas refinery, power plants, building and refrigerator industryPIR 01
bullet square glass red Vessles and tank with high diameter
bullet square glass red Cooling system
bullet square glass red Door & wall


bullet square glass red Self-Extinguishing
bullet square glass red Close cell and without binder
bullet square glass red Excellent thermal shot resistance
bullet square glass red High compressive strength and durable
bullet square glass red Excellent thermal and chemical resistance








PIR & PUR تخته ایی و بلوکی
PIR & PUR تخته ایی و بلوکی


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