Courrogated Aluminum

Corrugated & Smooth Aluminum

Smooth Aluminum Sheet

Flat aluminum sheets are often coils of 1000 to 2000 meters and with a width of 1 m or in the form of a 2 × 1-meter sheet and with thicknesses of 0.4 to 1.2 mm is presented. The sheets are often used to cover Pipes, Elbows, Spherical Surfaces and tanks as well as aluminum boxes.


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Corrugated Aluminum 32 mm

Aluminum sheet corrugated 32 mm with Poly Kraft coating is produced in sheet form with the length according to customer order.

It should be noted that long length of this type has advantages as follow:

bullet square glass red This kind of corrugated sheet has more firmness and stability than flat one
bullet square glass red Minimizing the minimum gap between sheets
bullet square glass red Reduce usage of accessories such as screw and mastic
bullet square glass red Reduce sheet wastages



bullet square glass red It is used to cover insulation of Tank, Heat Exchange, LPG Storage Units, etc.


Corrugated Aluminum 5 mm

Aluminum sheet corrugated 5 mm with 1 m width of Poly Kraft coating is produced in roll form. The type often used for covering pipe insulations beside some equipment.



bullet square glass red It's used to cover insulations of pipe and some special equipment.



bullet square glass red Increase Strength, Flexibility, Stability and long lifespan
bullet square glass red Protect the insulation layer and underlying surfaces against physical damages, ultraviolent radiation and weather-induced corrosion




ورق آلومینیوم کرکره
ورق آلومینیوم کرکره
ورق آلومینیوم کرکره
ورق آلومینیوم کرکره
ورق آلومینیوم کرکره
ورق آلومینیوم کرکره

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