Foam Glass Gravel

Gravel Cellular Glass

Cellular glass, is obtained from the collection of recycled glass, which undergoes processes of cleaning and grinding.

During the cooling phase we can obtain two separate products: the cellular glass board, used as insulation pipe and panels for walls and floors and the cellular glass gravel, used as the insulating element in the floors and in crawl space and as a lightening element.
You get in this way a raw material 100% natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable, gravel cellular glass.

Foam glass aggregate is a natural insulation material for underground structures that saves energy, insulates and contributes to a comfortable indoor environment. It is both economical and environmentally sound.


bullet square glass red Excellent Insulation Values
bullet square glass red Incredibly Strong
bullet square glass red Non-Capillary , Non-Combustible
bullet square glass red Permanently Stable
bullet square glass red Environmentally Friendly
bullet square glass red Saving Time and Money

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