Block & Board

Block & Board

Foam Glass Board Insulation of this company is prefabricated in board and block shapes in a wide ranges of density and sizes according to customer order. This close cell insulation is convenient for board surfaces such as walls and doors also tanks at low temperature, cooling systems and different industries such as refinery oil, power plants and buildings


bullet square glass red Petrochemical, oil and gas refinery, power plants and building industry
bullet square glass red Barrel, sphere, tank in low temperature
bullet square glass red Cooling system
bullet square glass red Heat Exchanger
bullet square glass red Pressure Vessels
bullet square glass red Wall & door


bullet square glass red Supreme compressive, tensile and flexural strength
bullet square glass red Water and vapor barrier
bullet square glass red Excellent thermal shot resistance
bullet square glass red Good sound absorption
bullet square glass red Excellent thermal stability
bullet square glass red Light weight
bullet square glass red Chemical resistance
bullet square glass red Use to insulating  hot and cold application

              Acid and chemical resistant        Dimensionally stable        Ecological        High compressive strength


              Non combustible        Pest resistant        Vapour tight        Waterproof


Foam Glass Board VS. Rock Wool Panel in Building and Construction Industry:

  • 1- Both types are widely used in industrial, residential, and commercial buildings and constructions to reduce energy consumption.
  • 2- The temperature service of Mineral Wool is -18 to 649 C and it is -268 to 427 for Cellular Glass.
  • 3- Cellular Glass has extremely high compressive strength (Up to 827 KPA) and Mineral Wool is 48 KPA at maximum.
  • 4- Mineral Wool is accounted as Hot Insulation while Cellular Glass is known as both Hot and Cold Insulation, this is one of the major factors in cold regions.
  • 5- Cellular Glass has a much longer lifespan than Mineral Wool.
  • 6- Cellular Glass is Eco-Friendly while Mineral Wool has a harmful environmental effect.
  • 7- Water Absorption of Cellular Glass is a maximum of 0.5% volume and 2% for Mineral Wool.
  • 8- Cellular Glass is completely resistant to animals and insects.
  • 9- Cellular Glass is completely non-combustible.
  • 10- Surface Burning Characteristics of both is as follows:

Mineral/Rock Wool Panel                                   Cellular Glass Board

Flame Spread Index: MAX 25                                 Flame Spread Index: MAX 5

Smoke Developer Index, 50                                     Smoke Developer Index, 0



















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