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Foam/Cellular Glass in Building & Construction

Cellular glass is an ideal insulation in buildings and constructions, due to its special features, and to reach the highest energy efficiency in buildings, it can be used in various Roofs, Façade, Walls, Ceils, Floors, and Soffits.


Flat Roofs

Roofs perform many tasks, from car parking, walkways, playgrounds, terraces, and platforms for M & E Equipment. The flat roof must provide reliable thermal and weatherproof protection for the entire service life of the building.

Cellular Glass insulation is ideal for the most demanding roof situations. With a closed cell vapor tight internal structure, it is capable to withstand high compressive loads.


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Green Roofs

Due to Cellular Glass’ unrivaled compressive strength, and watertight, the architects choose Cellular Glass insulation for their green roof projects.



The external walls usually represent a large percentage of the overall surface area of a building and thus are a very important element of the total envelope. Replacing external wall insulation is an extremely costly exercise; therefore, the system should provide reliable performance and approved fire safety. Cellular Glass insulation is ideal for the most demanding wall and façade situations. With its closed cell vapor tight structure and unique capability to dramatically reduce thermal bridging.


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Underground Structures

It is important to choose an insulation system that will ensure long-term protection of the building and allow full use of the below-ground floor levels. The insulation should resist soil pressure and moisture. In combination with a waterproofing system and/or drainage membrane, Cellular Glass provides an excellent risk-free system. It is an insulation system and vapor barrier in one material; it prevents water absorption, penetration, or tracking by capillary action. Many different systems are available, providing improved performance for waterproof wall constructions and retaining walls. Cellular Glass with its closed cell structure, rigidity and proven high compressive strength is ideal for insulating beneath foundations and ground slabs.


Wall, Floors, and Soffits

For new build or interior refurbishment, Cellular Glass insulation offers the specifier reliable solutions for every internal environment, including steam rooms, spas, and swimming pools. The Cellular Glass system minimizes thermal bridging, provides air tightness, and provides vapor control.

Cellular Glass insulation can withstand high structural loads; its closed cell vapor tight structure and thermal performance. Cellular Glass systems have been developed for interior walls, soffits, and floors.




Cellular glass is famous for the following properties:

  • • Noise Absorption : 56 dB
  • • Water Absorption : 0–5%
  • • Vapor Permeability : 0–0.005 mg / m * h * PA
  • • Thermal Conductivity : 0.04–0.08 W / (m * K)
  • • Humidity (sorption) : 0.2–0.5%
  • • Bending strength : 0.4–0.6 MPa
  • • Compressive Strength : 0.7–4 MPA
  • • Effective Operating Temperature : –260 - + 400 ° С
  • • Real Operating Temperature : –260 - + 230 ° С
  • • Deformation Temperature : + 450 ° С


The material has many advantages. Let's consider the main ones.

  • Safety. Does not contain substances harmful to the human body.
  • Environmental friendliness. Produced from environmentally friendly raw materials.
  • Hygiene. It has antiseptic properties.
  • Durability. Service life - over 100 years.
  • Versatility. It is used for insulation of any buildings.
  • High adhesion. Combines with a lot of building materials.
  • Biological passivity. There is no afraid of rodents, insects, and microorganisms.
  • Resistance to the negative effects of climatic factors. There is no afraid of temperature drops, precipitation, UV, etc.
  • Resisting mechanical factors. It does not deform and does not lose its properties, since it can withstand impacts and high loads.
  • Not susceptible to the influence of chemical factors. Does not react to acid.
  • Resistant to thermal factors. Foam glass is absolutely non-combustible insulation.
  • Ease of processing. Perfectly cut with a regular hacksaw.

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