Removable Jacketing & Pillow insulation

Removable Jacketing & Pillow Insulation:

This product is made of basalt fiber with fireproof fabric with the temperature ranges 600-1200 C. This Isolation system is one of the modern insulating method in the world that prefabricated removable jacketing will be installed on the equipment.

For manufacturing this insulation, different kinds of fabrics with a wide range of cover such as PU, Silicon and etc. are used.


Advantages of this method:

  • High speed installation and preparation and possibly to disassemble and reinstallation in next
  • Compatibility with the environment (Free Asbestos)
  • Limited heat dissipation and increasing the efficiency of the Turbine and accessories because of insulation plasticity on the equipment
  • Increasing insulation longevity for using reinforced fabrics with stainless steel mesh and cover with protective layer against water, oil, UV and other factors.
  • Top acoustic absorption.
  • Including metal tag for reordering in case of defects or damages in Guarantee and Warranty period. (Even single one)
  • Ability to installation and disassembling by unprofessional workers.
  • Temperature range from 600 to 1100 C applicable on the gas & steam turbine.