Stainless Steel Wool

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Stainless Steel Wool


Stainless steel wool is made from Alloy type AISI 434 stainless steel. Stainless steel wool is especially suited for many muffler / exhaust manufacturers, industrial insulation, thermal insulation in power stations, gas and liquid filtration, pipe insulation, mist eliminators, heavy metal separation when corrosive, rust, tinder and heat are a concern.

Product characteristics of stainless steel wool:

• Continuous ribbon of Stainless steel wool, Type AISI 434 (316L -special order)
• Three common grades: Fine (50 micron), Medium (80 micron), Coarse (120 micron)
• Density is controlled and specified in grams per linear meter
• Excellent media source for corrosion resistance, noise reduction, and heat insulation
• Heat Resistance up to 800° C
• Typical Reel size is 4″ wide and ¼” thick ribbon in 5 lb. or 10 lb. rolls (other sizes available)
• 5lb roll consists of approximately 125′ linear feet of continuous steel wool ribbon
• Highly Resistant to Exhaust Acids and High Vibration, Making it an Excellent Material for Muffler Baffling.
• It is very easy to install and it is ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY so you do not need to use chemicals.
• When properly installed, it forms a protective barrier that is virtually impassible by rodents, bats, scorpions, lizards, and other pests

TEXSTEEL Stainless Steel Wool:

• Consists of multiple cross layers of stainless steel wool with mechanical bonding.
• Provides added strength and most consistent density for exhaust applications.
• Bulk roll widths up to 75″ wide or die cut to specific sizes.
• Thickness from ¼” up to 1″


• Stainless steel wool tubes made to your exact specifications for pipe length or diameter for fast installation over baffles or inside muffler canisters.
• Multiple tube assembly and combinations of basalt or fiberglass wool depending on your specifications.
• Beneficial to reduce labor and installation costs.

WHY USE Stainless Steel Wool?

• High- and highest temperature resistance
• Product range according requirements
• Recyclable
• Easy to Install
• No Chemical
• Environmentally Friendly
• Rust Free – No stains
• Permanent Solution