Isopipe (Pre-fabricated Pipe Insulation)

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Isopipe (Pre-fabricated Pipe Insulation) :

This type of insulation can be pre-fabricated in three forms of cylindrical, twin-shell and half-shell. These insulations may be produced by a facing of aluminum foil. These insulations are applied for refineries, petrochemicals, power plants and constructions.



  • Air conditions system
  • Piping system for hot & cold fluids
  • Steam Pipes



  • Density: From 100 to 160 kg/m3 acc. to ASTM
  • Diameter: From 0.5 to 12 ” acc. to ASTM
  • Thickness: From 25 to 100 mm acc. to ASTM
  • Length: From 0.5 to 1 m
  • Packing: Plastic-Shrink



(All above amounts can be produced for out of range numbers acc. to customer order)