Corrugated Aluminum Sheet


Aluminum Corrugated Sheets:


Aluminum Corrugated 5 mm (3/16″)

Aluminum Corrugated Sheets 5 mm with a Poly Kraft coating is manufactured in accordance with ASTM B209 standard in alloys of 1050, 3003, 3105 with a width of 1 m in rolls. These types of sheets are often used to cover pipe insulators and some of the equipment.

The advantages of using these types of sheets include:
1- Increase strength, flexibility, durability and long life
2- A regular pattern on a smooth aluminum sheet reduces the reflection of intense light and can also create a better viewing sight.

Aluminum Corrugated 32 mm (1-1⁄4 “)

Aluminum sheet corrugated 32 mm with a Poly Kraft coating is produced and supplied according to the standard ASTM B209 in the common alloys 1050, 3003, 3105. The width routine of the aluminum sheets is 100 centimeters, which, after forming, is converted to 91 ~ 92 centimeters. Jahan Ayegh Pars company with modern machinery and equipment will be able to produce this type of sheet with any desired If these sheets are used with long lengths, it minimizes the gap between sheets, reduces the use of accessories such as screws and mastics, reduces the amount of scrap sheets, as well as improves the appearance of equipment such as tanks and more.