Stainless Steel Tying Wire

Stainless Steel Tying Wire :

This is ideal for lacing or tying, stainless steel tying wire can be used for a wide variety of applications it is soft and malleable so can be bent , twisted and tied. Typical applications are for insulation, re-bar, fencing, cables, hangers, garden work and general tying applications were a good quality durable wire is required. Stainless steel tying wire is the most popular way of retaining stainless steel reinforcing bar, widely used for lacing around insulation products or for joining stainless steel fencing and meshes within the insulation industry where it is also used for retaining wool and other thermal insulation materials underneath the metal jacketing
Our stainless steel lacing wire is grade 304/A2 (1.4301) it is the most popular grade of stainless steel it is an ideal grade for everyday applications, easy to form and long lasting. Stainless Steel 304 / A2 has good corrosive resistance in every day applications and is superior to other materials like Galvanized steel.
Standard stainless steel tying wire coils are approximately 15 – 20Kg in 1.2mm diameter these yield approximately 1800 – 2100 metres per coil we can manufacture these in specific weights to order.
Popular sizes of our lacing wire produced in 1kg coils these are mainly 1.0mm and 1.2mm diameter other grades and larger coils are also available.Typical lengths are 1mm approx. 120 metres and 1.2mm 110 metres (note these are only approximate).
The full range of diamters for stainless steel tying wire stocked are:-
• 0.7mm.
• 0.9mm.
• 1.0mm.
• 1.2mm.
• 1.5mm.
• 1.6mm.
We also supply Galvanized wire in either larger 15-20 kg coils or small 0.5 kg coils of lacing wire

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