Isoblanket (Blanket Insulation)

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Isoblanket (Blanket Insulation) :

This product is made of raw fibers. It is constructed of high density insulation filler with a fully encapsulated outer jacketing. The outer jacketing is sewn and bound to wire mesh at the closing seams. The heat tolerance of the product is up to 850C. The major use of this product is in oil, gas, powerhouse, petrochemical,building  and agricultural industries.


  • Fireproof Insulation with Class A1.
  • Non toxic
  • Free Asbestos
  • Low Thermal Conductivity
  • PH of raw fiber is between 7 to 11
  • Easy Installation
  • Convenient for environment
  • Acoustic insulation



  • Insulation of vessels
  • Thermal exchanges
  • Boilers, tanks
  • High-diameter pipes (generally with a diameter of 8 inch and more)
  • Chimneys, valves, pipes and flanges.


  • Density: from 60 to 160 kg/m3 acc. to ASTM
  • Thickness: from 30 to 160 mm acc. to ASTM
  • Packing: Plastic –Shrink

(Another density and thickness out of the range is also available according to customer order)


Below are different kinds of Iso Blanket:

Iso blanket with one side of wire mesh

Iso blanket with two side of wire mesh

Iso blanket with one side of wire mesh and aluminum foil

Iso blanket with one side of wire mesh and Kraft paper





80 – 160 kglm3

Density (D)

30 – 120 mm

Thickness (THK)

1 to 6 (as customer requested)

Length (m)

1 – 1.1

Width (m)

850 °c

Applied temperature

Nylon pack / Shrink